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Music Consulting

Our consulting service is the key to giving you the best possible music to suit your clientele. Here’s how it works…

Once you've decided you’d like to work with us, a music profiler will contact you to discuss your requirements. You'll simply need to give information regarding trading patterns, clientele and the atmosphere you'd like to achieve.

The result is the definitive music brief for your business, which enables our profilers to create your perfect soundtrack.

For Revolution music management system users, your perfect soundtrack is then delivered as a core library of hundreds of hours of songs, pre-loaded and sequenced onto your new system, with ongoing updates delivered as frequently as you like, via broadband.

You’ll be assigned your own personal consultant who is available at all times to discuss your profile and answer any queries.

Of course, you can also choose your own music; by setting up an online account free of charge, you can create playlists to send to your venues.

You can even sing us a tune over the phone. We’ll tell you what it is and, if you like it, add it to your profile.