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What our clients say about us

"Over the years I have met with many providers of music systems, they of course all claimed to be the best and provide a seamless music streaming service but LKM far and above out class them in every way. I have yet to walk into either Dakota or the Odeon and not be impressed with the track playing. The system works and no longer is our music in the hands a repeated play list or a Barman who thinks he or she is Dublin’s number one DJ. Highly recommend the service"

Michael Warner Odeon Group Operations Manager.

“By profiling my customer demographic and flow the LKM music system creates a very positive atmosphere in-store for both customers and staff alike, which in turn is a key factor in helping to drive sales within my business”

Alan Kealy (owner SPAR store)

“We chose LKM to create a music strategy for us and we couldn't be more impressed
with what they have created. We get complimented daily on our music,
which has certainly added to our new business”

Brian Deery (owner of Bagots Hutton)

“The music and service provided by LKM music and media is exceptional.”

Alan Clancy (owner 37 Dawson street, House, Meet & Meat)

“I put the LKM music system into my new restaurant Cleaver East last year. It completely
changed my view on the importance of good suitable music in a venue. I
always realised it mattered but just not quite to the extent I do now. Even in quite
times the place still has a good buzzy atmosphere and I’ve just ordered 3 new systems
for my other restaurants in Malahide as a result!”

Oliver Dunne (owner Bon Appetite, Cleaver East)

“When guests, both new and regulars, continue to comment to me on our music and
how they like it, I know we have chosen well. I contacted LKM given several positive
recommendations in the Dublin market. Being very conscious that The Morrison has
a long standing affinity with the music and entertainment industry, our choice of supplier
was of paramount importance. Eoin at LKM delivered admirably on service,
quality and timelines. Playlists as input from day one have been as promised and garnered
the reaction we wanted - all said, feedback has been genuinely overwhelmingly

Patrick Joyce (General Manager The Morrison Hotel)

“Simply brilliant service”

Matt Murphy (General Manager Yamamori Restaurants)